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American Bully

The foundation used to breed American bully is American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers. The temperament of the dog is zesty, gentle and friendly. It has a thick -set study builder and efficient muscle tone.  This breed is one of the most affectionate and family-friendly. Quick to learn and socialise, they are easy to train.

They have a medium-length coat that comes in a variety of colours and patterns that are pleasant to eyes. Wide chest that supports their muscles is phenomenal and is enhanced by a pronounced skull and jaws. They have boxy heads and well-defined shoulder blades. Their tales are always straight and never curled. Standard American bully vary in size and their height can vary from 17-20 inches. The good weight of a healthy American bully ranges from 29- 32 Kgs.

These little fur balls need an adequate amount of play and exercise and if their energy is not well-stimulated, they might exhibit destructive behaviour. If well-trained and properly cared, you should not worry about bringing this breed into a home. American bullies are the best lap dogs and these guys are true companions and are truly loyal.

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