Dogo Argentino

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Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino is a handsome lad that originates from Argentina. These big and powerful dogs have a high level of energy. The most noticeable feature of this breed is its striking white coat and what makes them more unique is their dental arch that forms a square shape.

Dogo Argentino is a perfect guard dog for the family. They are equipped with great strength and intelligence. These dogs give the impression of explosive power and energy. Its fierce, brave and alert nature, indeed gives this dog a versatile disposition. Their high energy level requires exercise and long walks.

Dogo Argentino is a large and athletic dog with a strong head that is supported by a thick but elegant neck. Their legs are straight, substantial and very muscular. Some of these dogs are marked with black spots on their heads. These dogs have glossy, short and thick coats which are always white in colour.

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